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ENERGY-SAVING-The Sustainable Future For Injection Molding Companies

Release time:2023/2/23

The world energy crisis is becoming more and more urgent. The situation of energy conservation and emission reduction in the country is grim. After some documents were released by government, many regions have actively implemented government policies. By pulling the brakes and cutting the power to reach ‘Dual control of energy consumption’. Power curtailment measures happened too fast that makes some enterprises unprepared even going belly up. These politics has a direct impact on the normal operation of enterprise manufacturing and order delivery. According to incomplete statistics, 16 provinces across the country have introduced different power rationing measures.

As power rationing measures running, the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation in various industries is getting stronger and stronger. The government supports the new energy industry. So that the upcoming development of energy-saving industry will be strongly supported, and there is greater room for development. Manufacturers of injection molding machines will introduce a variety of energy-saving equipment.

The carbon emissions of the injection molding machine industry is still very large, much remains to be done on the road to reducing emissions in the future, not only by technology but use new energy. Recently, by saving electricity, controlling product quality, and producing more qualified products is an important way to reduce emissions. The implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement are the basis for achieving the "dual carbon" goal. In the future, the competitive strength of domestic injection molding machines cannot be ignored. Now, the replacement of imports by domestic production is an inevitable trend, the development pattern of precision manufacturing, low-carbon and energy-saving modern injection molding is promoting China's technology to a larger stage.